Decorating for Sit Down Dinner Parties

When decorating a room for a sit down dinner party, the decorations can become a little tricky.  Rooms are sometimes small and the focus of the party is on the table itself.  The food becomes the focal point and its presentation is most important.

Try using serving dishes of all the same color.  If they aren’t the same color as the plates, make sure the colors complement each other.  Serving foods of varying colors and texture will also ensure the table is pleasing to the eye.

If there is room on the table, a centerpiece or tablescape can help set the mood for the event.  Whether it is a seasonal dinner, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Valentine’s Day; or a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, baptism, or retirement party, a centerpiece will let everyone know this is a celebration!

When planning centerpieces and tablescapes for sit down dinners, always keep in mind the height of the pieces…  If you have large round tables that aren’t conducive to conversations across it them, large centerpieces may be the way to go!  For smaller tables, you don’t want people trying to look around or over the decorations.  They need to be comfortable having conversations across the table.

As far as dinnerware for the parties & events, Paper Eskimo has some amazing pink and gold party plates that can really brighten up any occasion.

Low centerpieces are usually the best.  Sprawling vines and floral arrangements or simple candleholders make a statement without obstructing the view.  When planning low arrangement remember to leave enough space on the tables for the food!! You don’t want things to look or feel crowded.

High balloons or topiaries are also a great alternative.  Thin strings or poles allow guests to converse without too much distraction.  The height can give the illusion of a more grandeur to a room as well filling otherwise empty space.

Personally I like to combine the two for an unobtrusive yet visually pleasing decoration.  Keeping the base of the piece low to the table so it is easily seen over and adding a balloon cluster or sculpture floating on a thin monofilament line, I can both allow guests to talk to one another while filling a room. 

Of course while these ideas are for dining tables, they can be used just as easily for banquet tables by placing several spaced evenly down the table.  I like to alternate heights having one low piece followed by one high piece and so on down the table.


She said “No Balloons” !!!!!

My daughter and I were excited to design her Sweet Sixteen.  We had different ideas on what it should be but I am a firm believer in “it’s her party, her way”.  Once we decided on a theme, it was time to start planning the decor.  She only had one request, no balloons.

NO BALLOONS!!!  Balloons are what I do!  Sure I decorate with other elements but the balloons are the focal point!  I had to rethink my entire approach.  After trying to persuade her to change her mind, I reorganized and got to work.

There are a lot of decorating elements on the market that can make an impression.  Some are very high end but others are quite affordable.  After searching the internet I found some fabulous tissue paper flowers that will cover the space nicely.  A great tablescape and dessert table topped of the event perfectly.

I can make balloons elegant, sophisticated, funky and fun, but sometimes I am asked not to use them.  For those occassions, I look for large items to fill the space, such as tulle, netting, tissue paper, flowers, etc.  It can be difficult to fill a space, so sometimes it’s best to focus on particular areas.

Grouping decorations much the same way as you do objects in your home can give an amazing effect.  For my daughters party I focused on three areas; the dessert table, gift table, and the dining table.   I hung tissue flowers above all three tables to tie them together as well as fill the space.  Grouping tea party items on the table and theming the food, made a great impression without the balloons!

While my pride was hurt when she asked for no balloons, I understand her desire to be a little more “grown-up” on her sweet sixteen.  My baby girl is growing up, so I have to as well- or not!!!!

Baby Showers

There seems to have been a lot of  interest in baby showers lately so I thought I would devote this blog to that very subject.  I have found several ways to celebrate the birth of a child in addition to the traditional shower.  People are holding parties to announce the gender, Sip and See’s after the child is born, diaper dumps, etc.  Whatever you decide, a celebration is definitely a must whether it is your first child, an adoption party (I will focus on these in another blog later), or just the newest addition to the family. 

Traditional baby showers focus on helping the new mom and dad acquire the things they need the most.  Games, food and fun are the general fare.  Many showers are going co-ed to involve the fathers as well and involve games for them including pools for the birthdate, bottle chugs, baby food eating contests, etc.

Diaper dumps are excellent for a family expecting another child.  Most will already have the equipment needed but could always use diapers!  Guests are encouraged to bring bags of diapers, wipes, and anything else devoted to changing the baby.  Diaper “cakes” are a great decoration (!  A great idea for this party is having guest write words of encouragement or advice on the diapers themselves so when the parents are changing them they get a little lift in the dirtiest of jobs.

Announcing the gender party is such a fun idea.  Prior to this event or at the beginning of the party, everyone can guess what the gender will be.  If you decorate this party in neutral colors the guessing can go on until you are ready to reveal.  I have seen cakes dyed pink or blue so that when you cut into them you know boy or girl (or both!!).  Of course you can make it as dramatic as you want.  Little charms can be baked into the cake, papers taped to the underside of the chairs, balloons with confetti inside popped at a specific moment, the list goes on and on.

I love the Sip and See.  Some choose to wait until after the baby is born and celebrate where everyone can come see the newest addition.   A dessert buffet table, coffee and tea, or whatever you like best can be all the décor you need.  Gifts can be more personal if you already know the baby!

After choosing the type of celebration, you must choose the decorations.  Theme is key to any event, but especially a shower.  People tend to choose gifts around the announced theme.  We recently helped with a Zebra baby shower.  After the shower we found out that the mother to be had planned to do the baby’s room in giraffe print however she changed the theme to jungle animal after the shower because of all the cute zebra stuff she got!  Decorate the party as you would the nursery, or a favorite past time or character.  Seasonal themes work well too.  Keeping your décor unique to you is always the key.  I have seen too many pink or blue (or neutral yellow and green) baby showers where the parents didn’t even like the color.  There are so many cute ideas out there.  A few of my favorite decorating ideas are the balloon bottle, and the “throne” for the mother to be.  I love to put a rocking chair right beside the gift table and embellish it to fit the theme!  Another favorite of mine are the pacifier balloons.  These can also be made into rattles, but they just add that little touch that says baby no matter what color scheme you go with!

October Celebration Ideas

This time of year lends itself to celebrations and parties.  First there is Halloween, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas, New Year’s…. Not to mention birthdays, breast cancer awareness and whatever else we can fit in.  Here are a few of the great ideas I have come across lately for this month’s celebrations!

A good Christmas tree farm will have saws ready to use and hot chocolate to drink.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October.  Pink is everywhere.  Recently I was asked to make two pink ribbons to flank the run through sign for a local high school football team!  This is an amazing way to help raise awareness and celebrate the survivors and the lives of those who have passed.  This school has a Think Pink week including pajama day, pink day, wacky hair day, just to name a few.  Why not try something like this in our work places as well?  How about hosting a pink party with all the food being pink?  The possibilities are endless!  Don’t forget the balloons!!

Of course we have Halloween,  the day when kids of all ages want to dress up and have a little fun.  I love having Halloween/ Fall themed parties.  They can be anything from cute to gross, elegant to gory depending on you and your guests.  Maybe you could host a come and go Halloween night allowing friends and family to stop by for some treats in between trick or treating.  What about hosting a murder mystery dinner?  I found a great site at that will help you do just that! 

A neighborhood block party would be fabulous for those who don’t want to do the traditional door to door trick or treating.  Games and food, costume contests complete with prizes are always a hit.  Here is a link to the cutest pin the heart on a skeleton game for the little ones to enjoy.  Have everyone chip in with a few bags of candy for prizes and a set up in a large area where everyone can roam and enjoy each others company and the antics of the season.

Another idea is to host a movie night complete with scary movies.  This is great for your older kids and adults.  Prepare a candy buffet so no one feels cheated on not trick or treating and have guest come dressed as a favorite movie monster!  Popcorn balls and candy apples or some mummy dogs and cake pops will be fun!  One of my favorite ideas is a donut tree.  Here is a link to the tutorial!  I will be making one of these for my son’s party or a youth group snack night sometime this month!!!!/notes/one-charming-party/donut-tree-tutorial/258887907486829

As always, you are only limited by your imagination.  This is the perfect season to let it run wild and see what you can come up with!  I would love to see some of what you come up with!  Comment and/ or email me some pics to !!  If you need any help with your decorating give me a call!

Consultations and Fees

 Recently I was asked what is a design consultation and why do you charge a fee for it?  Obviously this is a topic that needs to be addressed so you know what to expect when engaging our services. 

Basic information including costs, items available, etc. are free of charge.  We will answer any questions you may have about our services, what we can do, as a courtesy to you.  We want you to be totally happy with your experience and make sure we can give you exactly what you want. 

If you want to go beyond basic questions, this is a consultation and a fee usually applies.  Our fee is $25 and is waived if you decide to engage our party service.  Here are some of the things you can expect from a consultation. 

We will ask you a series of questions including; where is the party being held?, what is your budget?,  do you have a theme?, what are the ages of the guests?, are you looking at a full party service, just décor, or somewhere in between?, of course date and time, and maybe a few more questions pertaining to making your party personal and unique.

We will do some research to ensure you have exactly what you want.  From games and crafts, to food and décor, your party will be planned to fit you and your guests.  This may take a day or two to put together, but you will be given a presentation of what we feel would put your event over the top.  This can be in person or via e-mail whichever you prefer.

I have a background in interior design so part of our presentation includes a floor plan and /or rendering of the ideas we have in mind.  These may also include pictures of similar items to help you visualize the final outcome.  We always try to give you several options and items than can be mixed and matched to fit your personality and style.  Here is an example of a decoration presentation board for a Tangled Party. 

Unfortunately in the past we have had people abuse the consultation service and take our presentation to someone else to put together.  This is why we have to charge the fee.  As you can see, we take every event very seriously and put a lot of effort and work into making it special.   There are hours of work put into designing and planning an event even before we present it to the client and get the final okay and start decorating.  We feel the fee for this service is minimal and again, if you allow us to put on the event, that fee is waived.

Consider a design consultation necessary to get the perfect fit for your next event!

Choosing a Theme

I have had several people ask me lately to help come up with a theme for their parties.  There are so many ideas out there!  There are a few questions you can ask when trying to plan a theme that will help.

What is a favorite color(s) of the guest of honor?  Maybe a simple color coordinated party is all you need.  Patterns such as polka dots, paisley, stripes, plaids, etc.  can also lend to the theme of a party without actually having something specific.

What is a favorite character?  Toddlers and even adults usually have a favorite cartoon, movie, tv show,  or book that will help you decide.  Tying this in with the color scheme also helps give it a personal touch instead of the generic store bought party.

How about a favorite activity?  Do they like to bowl, sports, sew, cook, video games, hunt, even read?  I have seen so many wonderful ways to incorporate hobbies into a party.  Find something they love to do and make that the theme.  Does your little girl love dress up or tea parties?  How about science or even a school theme for the budding teachers?

Favorite animals or objects are also a great way to start a theme.  We have all seen the zebra print items.  What about a butterfly, lady bug, dog, or cat theme?  Dinosaurs, elephants, or sea animals?  How about cars, trains, planes, boats, construction equipment ? 

Ever thought about a party themed around a favorite food?  Strawberries, or cheeses?  Types of food are also fun, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, so many choices

Finally there are the all fun decade themes.  Sock hops, disco parties, 80’s parties.  A roaring 20’s and even depression era parties are great for bringing back fond memories!

I always like to suggest that whatever theme you choose, make sure it means something to the guest of honor.   The best themes are the ones that touch the heart and people will remember forever!

Why should I hire a party planner or decorator?

Most of us plan and decorate our own events, not realizing we don’t have to.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people, myself included, who enjoy doing it.  But even as a party planner/ decorator there are times when I wish someone else was there doing it for me.

Most events we celebrate are important times in our lives.  Who wants to be tied down with planning and pulling together a spectacular event that will wow our friends and families?  Hiring a party planner and / or decorator will take a lot of the stress off and allow you to enjoy the celebration along with everyone else.

At Oklahoma Balloons and Decorations we know what it means to look back on a special event and realize you have missed out because you were so involved with the workings of the party you weren’t able to enjoy it.  That is why we are so dedicated to taking the stress off of you and your family.

We have complete party packages for you.  We can help you plan, decorate, host and even cleanup.  We have favors, games and activities, crafts, whatever you need to fit the theme already to go.  No matter your budget, we can help – we have all the special money-saving tricks at our disposal that we’ve learned throughout the years like decorating with fake plants to create a tasteful looking event on the cheaper side. You can even elect to have helpers there to serve and lead the activities for you.  We can even get “princesses” or “scientists” or “announcers” to make an appearance at your event.

Hiring decorators alone can be a lifesaver as well.  We are experienced and will make sure your event is designed specifically for you.  We know how to get the most for your money and space to make it look amazing.  Time before a party can be just as important as the party itself.  Do you want to be decorating while your bride to be is getting ready?  Or what about graduation?  Or helping your little one get ready for his or her party and seeing the excitement and surprise on their face when they walk in the room?

We don’t want you to miss out on any part of your event and we know you don’t either.  We can help you plan, decorate, and even carry out your party from beginning to end or anything in between!  I promise it will be well worth missing the stress and enjoying the celebration! Click here to see the best painters and decorators in london.

Where should we host our next event?

Where should you host your next event?   Do we have it at home, local community center, or go to a preexisting entertainment site, such as Chuck E. Cheese, bowling alley, etc?  There are pros and cons to every choice and we are going to address a few here.

Home parties are a great idea.  You are in your element, know where everything is, and there is no running back if you forgot something.  You can set up and clean up at your leisure.  No worries about rental fees, cleaning deposits, or paying for damages.  Cons are, you have people running all over your house.  Even an outside event will need access to bathrooms and such.  Decorations are not as easily placed in a home already furnished and games are hard to plan.  Small gatherings are the best for this type of event.

Local Community centers, churches,  etc. can be perfect for a themed party.  Usually a blank canvas, you can decorate the area to fit your party theme and needs.  These areas lend themselves to open areas for games and tables and chairs are usually on the premises.  Some things to consider are, how long you can have the space, is there a rental fee, are there any deposits. 

Finally there are entertainment venues.  These can be all inclusive leaving you to enjoy the party.  Themes can be worked around the center, such as 50’s theme for a bowling alley, or a disco theme at a skate rink.  Considerations, can you bring in outside food such as cakes and goodie bags.  Where is this located?  Is it close enough to homes that people will be able to have transportation to and from the event?  What about privacy?  Is this an open area or are there private rooms available?

Some things to consider wherever you are hosting your party are:  Price, space, facilities, supplies, distance.

1. Visit the venue twice if you can—once during another party and once when it’s empty. Go check it out before you get your heart set on it and before you put down a deposit (that may or may not be refundable). Take a camera, paper and pencil with you so you can take pictures and draw out a rough sketch of the room.

2. What will the total cost be? Cleaning deposit, rental fee? Are you responsible for clean up?  How long do you have the venue?  Do you need book 3 hours for a two hour party to allow for set up, early guests, clean up, and late parents. Factor that into your rental cost.

3. What’s included?  Ask if tables and chairs are available. How about a kitchen? Are there bathrooms connected or close by? What else do they provide?

4. Can your guests find it easily or will you provide transportation? Don’t pick someplace too far from your home.

5. The fine print. Can you bring your own food?  Can you light candles? (Some fire codes restrict this.) Is there a freezer for your ice cream? If you’re renting a hotel room, does the hotel allow birthday parties in their hotel rooms?

Party Ideas

I am so full of ideas right now, I don’t know where to start!!! There are a lot of great things out there for your parties if you have the time to look. A lot of people don’t have the time, or want to, to search through the millions of possibilities so that is where I can help!

Part of a party planner’s job is to help you make the most out of your theme and budget, but sometimes it also helping you come up with that theme. Most of us don’t want a cookie cutter party that is the same as everyone else’s, we want something that will make it stand out and be remembered for years to come.

 Here are a few ideas for parties that I think make a great “different” type of celebration:

Mad Scientist Lab- Crazy concoctions, basic experiments (i.e. mentos and diet coke), weird foods- boys love it!

Mermaid Party- Sand castles, water fun, mermaid tails! A seashell hunt would be loads of fun!!

Super Hero party- Not Superman or Batman, but where the guests are the heroes, complete with capes and damsels in distress!

 Car Party- Checkered flags, races, pit stops… what about contacting a local car club and having a car show at the party!

Runway Model Party- Every little girl wants to strut their stuff on a runway! A few dress up items, make overs, and a red carpet is all you need! Oh don’t forget the paparazzi!

Dinosaur Party- A fossil hunt is a must for this one! You can make your own bones and let the kids dig in a sand box, discovering fossils. Nature rubs are a great activity too!

County Fair- Overalls, hay bales, and old fashion games. What about an animal show, or making freezer jam? A local petting zoo or farm might be able to supply you with a few gentle animals to satisfy your petting needs!!

Rock Star Party- Karaoke!! Wild outfits and lots of color!! Let each child take the stage! Guitars, drums, whatever! (These are available as inflatables as not to annoy the adults too much!)

Tea Party- Again a dress up theme is awesome! Have someone dress as a butler to serve the tea. British accents, and garden hats are a plus!

 I have so many more ideas complete with games and of course decorations!! Find your (or your child’s) interest and go with it! The possibilities are endless!!

First Birthday’s

First Birthdays are a milestone that NEED to be celebrated!  There are so many firsts in those short twelve months.  I was recently blessed to help celebrate with dear friends for their son’s first birthday party and thought a blog on the subject might be helpful for others looking at what to do for this huge event!

Enjoying a once in a lifetime event

First, you need to realize the party is for the guests and the parents more than the child.  He will look back at the pictures and enjoy what you did for him years from now, but he is really too young to care at the time of the party.  Consider who will be there.  What type of event do you need to create?  If it is going to be mostly adults, a more sophisticated theme with a casual atmosphere can be very rewarding.  Pass the baby around and enjoy the company of friends and family.

If there are older children in the family or you will be having children as guests, consider the ages and make sure you have enough to entertain them.  Games, crafts, or other age appropriate activities will keep you younger guests from feeling bored or left out.

Next, time frame is very important.  You want your little one to be fresh and happy for his first birthday so it is best to plan the party for after his naptime.  Nothing stresses a parent out more than a cranky baby in front of a room full of people.

Decorating for a first birthday is again dependent on who is in attendance.  Bright colors are perfect if you have younger children, while older guests can appreciate a more muted palette.  Be sure to decorate around the high chair area where the child will spend most of his time.  Several places sell high chair decorating kits.  Placing the high chair in front of a backdrop with a banner will also make for great pictures!!  No matter what décor you choose, remember the pictures.  The birthday child will only know about this through the snapshots taken at the party so make the most of your photo opportunities!!

Try not to make the party last too long.  Little ones don’t have a very long attention spans, obviously, so a fast paced event is best.  Consider having an activity for the children to do alone while everyone is arriving and then go into a game.  After one game, consider allowing the birthday boy (girl) to open gifts before serving the cake.  I know this is a bit out of tradition but a cake covered baby doesn’t lend to easy opening! 

Enjoy the day.  Again, the child will not remember the party except through photographs so don’t stress too much.  Allow yourself time to enjoy this momentous occasion, there will be time for more amazing parties in the future with a lot of input from your child!

Oklahoma Heat and Balloons

I learned a very important lesson today!  Latex balloons do not like Oklahoma heat!!  I created some outdoor columns for an open house that turned out amazing.  They were placed around 10 am on the west side of the building.  Around 4:30, I received a call that my balloons were popping.  She said it sounded like a popcorn machine!  I thank God the owner had a great sense of humor!

I know the sun causes the balloons to deteriorate quickly and that air expands when it is heated.  I also am aware of the fact that balloons are best used indoors in a climate controlled environment.  After doing some research, I decided to tackle this job with not too much concern.  I had done outdoor décor before without any problems.  I learned a few things though!  (Like don’t put balloons on the west side of a building and expect them to last all afternoon in 105 degrees!!)

Don’t get me wrong, balloons can be used successfully at an outdoor event.  Just being aware of some of the limitations can help keep some heartache (and surprises) from ruining the party!

Always use lighter color balloons.  Dark colors absorb the heat and make the air inside expand more quickly.  This is the same concept we use when picking out our clothes for summer activities.  Black or white?- go with white!  You and your balloons will stay much cooler.

Helium is more temperamental than air filled balloons.  Helium responds to heat and cold faster and more drastically than simple air filled balloons.  Heat will cause helium to leak faster and greatly limit the float time.  Use balloons with support structures rather than free floating balloons for a longer lasting effect.

Do not use water to cool off your balloons.  Water will cause the balloons to be sticky when it dries causing the balloons to stick together.  As the heat causes the air to expand, the balloons will not be able to move as easily and will pop.

Under inflate your balloons.  This gives the balloon room to expand as the air inside expands.

Mylar or foil balloons withstand heat a lot better than latex.  They don’t leak as quickly or fade as some latex balloons will.

Keep your creations shaded as much as possible.  The direct UV rays from the sun will cause the balloons to deteriorate much more quickly.

Plan to place your balloons outside at the last possible minute.  The less time they spend in the heat, the less chance you have of them popping. 

Again, balloons are great for outdoor parties too.  Limiting the time they spend in direct sun, picking lighter colors, and even picking a time later in the evening can help them last throughout the duration of your event.

Party Food

What’s a party without food?  No matter what the event, some kind of refreshments always seem to be necessary.  But what kind of food for a party?  There are a lot of things to consider when planning your party menu, age, time of day, type of event, even gender of the party goers is important.  You may even want to theme your party foods to go with your decor.

Cake and ice cream is the traditional fare for any party.  Add some punch and presto- party food.  Cakes can be anything from cupcakes and sheet cakes to tiered masterpieces and three dimensional character cakes.  Whatever cake you chose, keeping with the theme will make the party more festive.  Make sure the colors match the rest of the party.  Cupcakes are  great options for younger party guests.  Cupcake trees  and cupcakes shaped into cakes allow for a more interesting presentation.  Cake and ice cream is appropriate for any afternoon or evening party.

Older more sophisticated guests may enjoy a dessert buffet.  A sampling of different sweets will appeal to a wide range of guests.  You can include your cake with other things such as pies, cookies, puddings, candy, and even fruit.  Some dessert buffets are themed by color or type of food, such as chocolate or apples, or whatever is a favorite!  This type of fare is great for an evening event.

One of my favorite food ideas is a candy bar.  No, not like you buy in the check out line.  Its more like a buffet made entirely of candy!!  This is good for young and old alike- but watch out for the hyper kids!!  There are so many choices out there!  I love to color coordinate different candies with the theme of the party.  Provide treat bags for the guest to fill so they can take some home instead of having a sugar rush at the party!  It also saves on goody bags for the little ones!

Finger foods are another option for a casual get together.  This can be used for anytime of the day, even a lite lunch or dinner.  Some people just aren’t into sweets.  Wondering what to put on a finger foods menu? Most kids can be satisfied with small sandwiches, chips, and veggie sticks.  Adults can get a little fancier with stuffed mushrooms and cheese platters.  Whatever you choose, be sure to have plenty of toothpicks on hand to handle the food.

Last but not least we have the full course meal.  Whether buffet style or a sit down dinner served to your guests, this is usually reserved for lunch or dinner or occasionally brunch.  Potluck is a great way to try new things and take some of the work off the host.  If you are a chef and want to impress your guests with your culinary talents then preparation is the key.  As with any other type of party food, theming your meal is a great way to keep the atmosphere.  Set your table with items that call up memories of a certain time or place.  Serve foods that echo the décor.  Buffet food suggestions would be easy to handle foods, not to messy or time consuming (i.e. ribs).  These items are usually left untouched because guests are afraid they will spill or get it on themselves.

No matter what you choose to serve you guests, they will always enjoy it more if it matches the event theme.  No one wants to each enchiladas at an Italian party, or a monster cake at a princess party!  Always keep your theme in mind, even when planning your refreshments!

Balloon Releases

Balloon releases are a great for any event.  From grand openings to memorial services they are a wonderful way to celebrate.   The following article has a few tips on hosting a balloon release for your next event.

What types of Balloons should we release?   This is a very important question to ask.  There are many concerns to be addressed.  DO NOT RELEASE MYLAR OR FOIL BALLOONS.  There are several reasons for this.  First, these balloons do not deteriorate quickly and can harm wildlife when they return to earth.  Also, they have metallic properties that cause problems when they get caught in the power lines.  This happens more than you might think causing power outages and even fires.

Latex balloons are the perfect choice for your balloon release.  They come in such a wide range of sizes and colors, they will fit any theme.   Latex balloons are also biodegradable and won’t harm the environment or cause problems with power lines.

Another consideration when thinking about a balloon release is the string.  We very rarely think of the ribbon attached to the balloons as being a problem but they can be.  The best string for this is good old kite string.  It is cotton and disintegrates quickly, protecting our environment.  It also breaks away easily when caught in unwanted areas.  Curly ribbon does not biodegrade as fast and the shiny mylar metallic ribbon is a definite NOT!  For the same reasons as the foil balloons.

One last thought on releasing balloons.  A lot of events call for a message to be placed with the balloons.  Making sure we only use biodegradable paper products to portray of messages is a must.  Some people worry about the message getting ruined if it rains.   A great idea is to actually place the message inside the balloon.  This can be accomplished by rolling the paper into a tube and feeding it through the neck of the balloon.  A piece of PVC pipe or tube can help stretch the balloon to fit the paper.  Also, using heavier cardstock or cardboard and permanent markers can help you message last longer.

A balloon release makes lasting memories and a fabulous impression.  Let’s make sure we considering the well being of our neighbors while we are celebrating!!!

Why Balloon Decorations?

Remember the days of balloons at the circus and kids birthday parties?  Then there are also balloon bouquets delivered for that “special” occasion.  Well there is more to balloons than that!  They can be used anywhere, any way, any time!!

Balloons come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, sheens, and even prints.  They can be elegant or fun, cute or sassy- no matter what they always say- CELEBRATE!!

When people see balloons there is a feeling of excitement and joy.  They wonder what is going on over there?  Can I go?  I wish I had been invited!  Smiles immediately light up faces and moods are instantly lifted.

You can use balloons for any occasion- birthdays, weddings, proms, showers, homecoming events, grand openings, sales, reunions, even memorial services and funerals.  Balloons fill a space like no other décor can and at less cost to you than traditional decorations such as flowers.  They have a wow factor that keeps people talking a long time after the event.

Recently I was asked to decorate for a multi-generational birthday party.  There were seven guests of honor ranging in age from eight to seventy-seven.   That is a wide range to try to decorate for but balloons were the answer. Enjoyed by all, the balloon sculptures were elaborate enough for the older generation to enjoy and still fun for the kids.  Boys, girls, young, or old, balloons are for everyone!

I could go on all day!  There are endless possibilities when you are using balloons.  Arches, columns, sculptures, bouquets- helium or air filled- latex or mylar- From the smallest gathering to the largest gala, balloons will make a statement!  They aren’t just for kids birthday parties anymore!

Think about how you can add excitement to your next event.  If you need any ideas, you can always call on us.  We are here to help you make every occasion special!