Baby Showers

There seems to have been a lot of  interest in baby showers lately so I thought I would devote this blog to that very subject.  I have found several ways to celebrate the birth of a child in addition to the traditional shower.  People are holding parties to announce the gender, Sip and See’s after the child is born, diaper dumps, etc.  Whatever you decide, a celebration is definitely a must whether it is your first child, an adoption party (I will focus on these in another blog later), or just the newest addition to the family. 

Traditional baby showers focus on helping the new mom and dad acquire the things they need the most.  Games, food and fun are the general fare.  Many showers are going co-ed to involve the fathers as well and involve games for them including pools for the birthdate, bottle chugs, baby food eating contests, etc.

Diaper dumps are excellent for a family expecting another child.  Most will already have the equipment needed but could always use diapers!  Guests are encouraged to bring bags of diapers, wipes, and anything else devoted to changing the baby.  Diaper “cakes” are a great decoration (!  A great idea for this party is having guest write words of encouragement or advice on the diapers themselves so when the parents are changing them they get a little lift in the dirtiest of jobs.

Announcing the gender party is such a fun idea.  Prior to this event or at the beginning of the party, everyone can guess what the gender will be.  If you decorate this party in neutral colors the guessing can go on until you are ready to reveal.  I have seen cakes dyed pink or blue so that when you cut into them you know boy or girl (or both!!).  Of course you can make it as dramatic as you want.  Little charms can be baked into the cake, papers taped to the underside of the chairs, balloons with confetti inside popped at a specific moment, the list goes on and on.

I love the Sip and See.  Some choose to wait until after the baby is born and celebrate where everyone can come see the newest addition.   A dessert buffet table, coffee and tea, or whatever you like best can be all the décor you need.  Gifts can be more personal if you already know the baby!

After choosing the type of celebration, you must choose the decorations.  Theme is key to any event, but especially a shower.  People tend to choose gifts around the announced theme.  We recently helped with a Zebra baby shower.  After the shower we found out that the mother to be had planned to do the baby’s room in giraffe print however she changed the theme to jungle animal after the shower because of all the cute zebra stuff she got!  Decorate the party as you would the nursery, or a favorite past time or character.  Seasonal themes work well too.  Keeping your décor unique to you is always the key.  I have seen too many pink or blue (or neutral yellow and green) baby showers where the parents didn’t even like the color.  There are so many cute ideas out there.  A few of my favorite decorating ideas are the balloon bottle, and the “throne” for the mother to be.  I love to put a rocking chair right beside the gift table and embellish it to fit the theme!  Another favorite of mine are the pacifier balloons.  These can also be made into rattles, but they just add that little touch that says baby no matter what color scheme you go with!

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