Balloon Releases

Balloon releases are a great for any event.  From grand openings to memorial services they are a wonderful way to celebrate.   The following article has a few tips on hosting a balloon release for your next event.

What types of Balloons should we release?   This is a very important question to ask.  There are many concerns to be addressed.  DO NOT RELEASE MYLAR OR FOIL BALLOONS.  There are several reasons for this.  First, these balloons do not deteriorate quickly and can harm wildlife when they return to earth.  Also, they have metallic properties that cause problems when they get caught in the power lines.  This happens more than you might think causing power outages and even fires.

Latex balloons are the perfect choice for your balloon release.  They come in such a wide range of sizes and colors, they will fit any theme.   Latex balloons are also biodegradable and won’t harm the environment or cause problems with power lines.

Another consideration when thinking about a balloon release is the string.  We very rarely think of the ribbon attached to the balloons as being a problem but they can be.  The best string for this is good old kite string.  It is cotton and disintegrates quickly, protecting our environment.  It also breaks away easily when caught in unwanted areas.  Curly ribbon does not biodegrade as fast and the shiny mylar metallic ribbon is a definite NOT!  For the same reasons as the foil balloons.

One last thought on releasing balloons.  A lot of events call for a message to be placed with the balloons.  Making sure we only use biodegradable paper products to portray of messages is a must.  Some people worry about the message getting ruined if it rains.   A great idea is to actually place the message inside the balloon.  This can be accomplished by rolling the paper into a tube and feeding it through the neck of the balloon.  A piece of PVC pipe or tube can help stretch the balloon to fit the paper.  Also, using heavier cardstock or cardboard and permanent markers can help you message last longer.

A balloon release makes lasting memories and a fabulous impression.  Let’s make sure we considering the well being of our neighbors while we are celebrating!!!

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