Why Balloon Decorations?

Remember the days of balloons at the circus and kids birthday parties?  Then there are also balloon bouquets delivered for that “special” occasion.  Well there is more to balloons than that!  They can be used anywhere, any way, any time!!

Balloons come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, sheens, and even prints.  They can be elegant or fun, cute or sassy- no matter what they always say- CELEBRATE!!

When people see balloons there is a feeling of excitement and joy.  They wonder what is going on over there?  Can I go?  I wish I had been invited!  Smiles immediately light up faces and moods are instantly lifted.

You can use balloons for any occasion- birthdays, weddings, proms, showers, homecoming events, grand openings, sales, reunions, even memorial services and funerals.  Balloons fill a space like no other décor can and at less cost to you than traditional decorations such as flowers.  They have a wow factor that keeps people talking a long time after the event.

Recently I was asked to decorate for a multi-generational birthday party.  There were seven guests of honor ranging in age from eight to seventy-seven.   That is a wide range to try to decorate for but balloons were the answer. Enjoyed by all, the balloon sculptures were elaborate enough for the older generation to enjoy and still fun for the kids.  Boys, girls, young, or old, balloons are for everyone!

I could go on all day!  There are endless possibilities when you are using balloons.  Arches, columns, sculptures, bouquets- helium or air filled- latex or mylar- From the smallest gathering to the largest gala, balloons will make a statement!  They aren’t just for kids birthday parties anymore!

Think about how you can add excitement to your next event.  If you need any ideas, you can always call on us.  We are here to help you make every occasion special!

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