Choosing a Theme

I have had several people ask me lately to help come up with a theme for their parties.  There are so many ideas out there!  There are a few questions you can ask when trying to plan a theme that will help.

What is a favorite color(s) of the guest of honor?  Maybe a simple color coordinated party is all you need.  Patterns such as polka dots, paisley, stripes, plaids, etc.  can also lend to the theme of a party without actually having something specific.

What is a favorite character?  Toddlers and even adults usually have a favorite cartoon, movie, tv show,  or book that will help you decide.  Tying this in with the color scheme also helps give it a personal touch instead of the generic store bought party.

How about a favorite activity?  Do they like to bowl, sports, sew, cook, video games, hunt, even read?  I have seen so many wonderful ways to incorporate hobbies into a party.  Find something they love to do and make that the theme.  Does your little girl love dress up or tea parties?  How about science or even a school theme for the budding teachers?

Favorite animals or objects are also a great way to start a theme.  We have all seen the zebra print items.  What about a butterfly, lady bug, dog, or cat theme?  Dinosaurs, elephants, or sea animals?  How about cars, trains, planes, boats, construction equipment ? 

Ever thought about a party themed around a favorite food?  Strawberries, or cheeses?  Types of food are also fun, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, so many choices

Finally there are the all fun decade themes.  Sock hops, disco parties, 80’s parties.  A roaring 20’s and even depression era parties are great for bringing back fond memories!

I always like to suggest that whatever theme you choose, make sure it means something to the guest of honor.   The best themes are the ones that touch the heart and people will remember forever!

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