Consultations and Fees

 Recently I was asked what is a design consultation and why do you charge a fee for it?  Obviously this is a topic that needs to be addressed so you know what to expect when engaging our services. 

Basic information including costs, items available, etc. are free of charge.  We will answer any questions you may have about our services, what we can do, as a courtesy to you.  We want you to be totally happy with your experience and make sure we can give you exactly what you want. 

If you want to go beyond basic questions, this is a consultation and a fee usually applies.  Our fee is $25 and is waived if you decide to engage our party service.  Here are some of the things you can expect from a consultation. 

We will ask you a series of questions including; where is the party being held?, what is your budget?,  do you have a theme?, what are the ages of the guests?, are you looking at a full party service, just décor, or somewhere in between?, of course date and time, and maybe a few more questions pertaining to making your party personal and unique.

We will do some research to ensure you have exactly what you want.  From games and crafts, to food and décor, your party will be planned to fit you and your guests.  This may take a day or two to put together, but you will be given a presentation of what we feel would put your event over the top.  This can be in person or via e-mail whichever you prefer.

I have a background in interior design so part of our presentation includes a floor plan and /or rendering of the ideas we have in mind.  These may also include pictures of similar items to help you visualize the final outcome.  We always try to give you several options and items than can be mixed and matched to fit your personality and style.  Here is an example of a decoration presentation board for a Tangled Party. 

Unfortunately in the past we have had people abuse the consultation service and take our presentation to someone else to put together.  This is why we have to charge the fee.  As you can see, we take every event very seriously and put a lot of effort and work into making it special.   There are hours of work put into designing and planning an event even before we present it to the client and get the final okay and start decorating.  We feel the fee for this service is minimal and again, if you allow us to put on the event, that fee is waived.

Consider a design consultation necessary to get the perfect fit for your next event!

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