Decorating for Sit Down Dinner Parties

When decorating a room for a sit down dinner party, the decorations can become a little tricky.  Rooms are sometimes small and the focus of the party is on the table itself.  The food becomes the focal point and its presentation is most important.

Try using serving dishes of all the same color.  If they aren’t the same color as the plates, make sure the colors complement each other.  Serving foods of varying colors and texture will also ensure the table is pleasing to the eye.

If there is room on the table, a centerpiece or tablescape can help set the mood for the event.  Whether it is a seasonal dinner, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Valentine’s Day; or a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, baptism, or retirement party, a centerpiece will let everyone know this is a celebration!

When planning centerpieces and tablescapes for sit down dinners, always keep in mind the height of the pieces…  If you have large round tables that aren’t conducive to conversations across it them, large centerpieces may be the way to go!  For smaller tables, you don’t want people trying to look around or over the decorations.  They need to be comfortable having conversations across the table.

As far as dinnerware for the parties & events, Paper Eskimo has some amazing pink and gold party plates that can really brighten up any occasion.

Low centerpieces are usually the best.  Sprawling vines and floral arrangements or simple candleholders make a statement without obstructing the view.  When planning low arrangement remember to leave enough space on the tables for the food!! You don’t want things to look or feel crowded.

High balloons or topiaries are also a great alternative.  Thin strings or poles allow guests to converse without too much distraction.  The height can give the illusion of a more grandeur to a room as well filling otherwise empty space.

Personally I like to combine the two for an unobtrusive yet visually pleasing decoration.  Keeping the base of the piece low to the table so it is easily seen over and adding a balloon cluster or sculpture floating on a thin monofilament line, I can both allow guests to talk to one another while filling a room. 

Of course while these ideas are for dining tables, they can be used just as easily for banquet tables by placing several spaced evenly down the table.  I like to alternate heights having one low piece followed by one high piece and so on down the table.


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