Gallery 2012

This bride loves purple! She told us any shade~ "all purples go together". We created columns wrapped in tulle, double hearts behind the cake table, and cloud centerpieces. We also flanked the gift table and guest book table with topiary in varying hues.

This party was held at the lake on a VERY windy day! We staged the area several times before we found a way that worked.

Neon Prom was amazing with the light show! 15 foot tunnel and huge dancefloor dominated the space. The highlight was the balloon drop!



We created this for a High School Bowling League. They were attached to two latex balloons and one mylar in the school colors.


A local church was hosting a movie night and wanted an amazing concession area. We provided them with the link-o-ioon arch and all the food decor. I love the way it all turned out!


This little girl loved Catwoman and wanted her party all cats surrounding her as "Catwoman". Two black cats flanked the cake table. Tissue poms and streamers accented the ceiling. the tables were set with actual (unused) cat bowls. The six year old guest of honor and her friend set the tables and made the goodie bags to complete the scene.

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