October Celebration Ideas

This time of year lends itself to celebrations and parties.  First there is Halloween, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas, New Year’s…. Not to mention birthdays, breast cancer awareness and whatever else we can fit in.  Here are a few of the great ideas I have come across lately for this month’s celebrations!

A good Christmas tree farm will have saws ready to use and hot chocolate to drink.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October.  Pink is everywhere.  Recently I was asked to make two pink ribbons to flank the run through sign for a local high school football team!  This is an amazing way to help raise awareness and celebrate the survivors and the lives of those who have passed.  This school has a Think Pink week including pajama day, pink day, wacky hair day, just to name a few.  Why not try something like this in our work places as well?  How about hosting a pink party with all the food being pink?  The possibilities are endless!  Don’t forget the balloons!!

Of course we have Halloween,  the day when kids of all ages want to dress up and have a little fun.  I love having Halloween/ Fall themed parties.  They can be anything from cute to gross, elegant to gory depending on you and your guests.  Maybe you could host a come and go Halloween night allowing friends and family to stop by for some treats in between trick or treating.  What about hosting a murder mystery dinner?  I found a great site at www.dinnerandamurder.com that will help you do just that! 

A neighborhood block party would be fabulous for those who don’t want to do the traditional door to door trick or treating.  Games and food, costume contests complete with prizes are always a hit.  Here is a link to the cutest pin the heart on a skeleton game http://blog.landofnod.com/honest-to-nod/2011/10/skeleton-fun.html for the little ones to enjoy.  Have everyone chip in with a few bags of candy for prizes and a set up in a large area where everyone can roam and enjoy each others company and the antics of the season.

Another idea is to host a movie night complete with scary movies.  This is great for your older kids and adults.  Prepare a candy buffet so no one feels cheated on not trick or treating and have guest come dressed as a favorite movie monster!  Popcorn balls and candy apples or some mummy dogs and cake pops will be fun!  One of my favorite ideas is a donut tree.  Here is a link to the tutorial!  I will be making one of these for my son’s party or a youth group snack night sometime this month!!!  http://www.facebook.com/#!/notes/one-charming-party/donut-tree-tutorial/258887907486829

As always, you are only limited by your imagination.  This is the perfect season to let it run wild and see what you can come up with!  I would love to see some of what you come up with!  Comment and/ or email me some pics to tara@oklahomaballoonsanddecorations.com !!  If you need any help with your decorating give me a call!

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