Party Food

What’s a party without food?  No matter what the event, some kind of refreshments always seem to be necessary.  But what kind of food for a party?  There are a lot of things to consider when planning your party menu, age, time of day, type of event, even gender of the party goers is important.  You may even want to theme your party foods to go with your decor.

Cake and ice cream is the traditional fare for any party.  Add some punch and presto- party food.  Cakes can be anything from cupcakes and sheet cakes to tiered masterpieces and three dimensional character cakes.  Whatever cake you chose, keeping with the theme will make the party more festive.  Make sure the colors match the rest of the party.  Cupcakes are  great options for younger party guests.  Cupcake trees  and cupcakes shaped into cakes allow for a more interesting presentation.  Cake and ice cream is appropriate for any afternoon or evening party.

Older more sophisticated guests may enjoy a dessert buffet.  A sampling of different sweets will appeal to a wide range of guests.  You can include your cake with other things such as pies, cookies, puddings, candy, and even fruit.  Some dessert buffets are themed by color or type of food, such as chocolate or apples, or whatever is a favorite!  This type of fare is great for an evening event.

One of my favorite food ideas is a candy bar.  No, not like you buy in the check out line.  Its more like a buffet made entirely of candy!!  This is good for young and old alike- but watch out for the hyper kids!!  There are so many choices out there!  I love to color coordinate different candies with the theme of the party.  Provide treat bags for the guest to fill so they can take some home instead of having a sugar rush at the party!  It also saves on goody bags for the little ones!

Finger foods are another option for a casual get together.  This can be used for anytime of the day, even a lite lunch or dinner.  Some people just aren’t into sweets.  Wondering what to put on a finger foods menu? Most kids can be satisfied with small sandwiches, chips, and veggie sticks.  Adults can get a little fancier with stuffed mushrooms and cheese platters.  Whatever you choose, be sure to have plenty of toothpicks on hand to handle the food.

Last but not least we have the full course meal.  Whether buffet style or a sit down dinner served to your guests, this is usually reserved for lunch or dinner or occasionally brunch.  Potluck is a great way to try new things and take some of the work off the host.  If you are a chef and want to impress your guests with your culinary talents then preparation is the key.  As with any other type of party food, theming your meal is a great way to keep the atmosphere.  Set your table with items that call up memories of a certain time or place.  Serve foods that echo the décor.  Buffet food suggestions would be easy to handle foods, not to messy or time consuming (i.e. ribs).  These items are usually left untouched because guests are afraid they will spill or get it on themselves.

No matter what you choose to serve you guests, they will always enjoy it more if it matches the event theme.  No one wants to each enchiladas at an Italian party, or a monster cake at a princess party!  Always keep your theme in mind, even when planning your refreshments!

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