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I am so full of ideas right now, I don’t know where to start!!! There are a lot of great things out there for your parties if you have the time to look. A lot of people don’t have the time, or want to, to search through the millions of possibilities so that is where I can help!

Part of a party planner’s job is to help you make the most out of your theme and budget, but sometimes it also helping you come up with that theme. Most of us don’t want a cookie cutter party that is the same as everyone else’s, we want something that will make it stand out and be remembered for years to come.

 Here are a few ideas for parties that I think make a great “different” type of celebration:

Mad Scientist Lab- Crazy concoctions, basic experiments (i.e. mentos and diet coke), weird foods- boys love it!

Mermaid Party- Sand castles, water fun, mermaid tails! A seashell hunt would be loads of fun!!

Super Hero party- Not Superman or Batman, but where the guests are the heroes, complete with capes and damsels in distress!

 Car Party- Checkered flags, races, pit stops… what about contacting a local car club and having a car show at the party!

Runway Model Party- Every little girl wants to strut their stuff on a runway! A few dress up items, make overs, and a red carpet is all you need! Oh don’t forget the paparazzi!

Dinosaur Party- A fossil hunt is a must for this one! You can make your own bones and let the kids dig in a sand box, discovering fossils. Nature rubs are a great activity too!

County Fair- Overalls, hay bales, and old fashion games. What about an animal show, or making freezer jam? A local petting zoo or farm might be able to supply you with a few gentle animals to satisfy your petting needs!!

Rock Star Party- Karaoke!! Wild outfits and lots of color!! Let each child take the stage! Guitars, drums, whatever! (These are available as inflatables as not to annoy the adults too much!)

Tea Party- Again a dress up theme is awesome! Have someone dress as a butler to serve the tea. British accents, and garden hats are a plus!

 I have so many more ideas complete with games and of course decorations!! Find your (or your child’s) interest and go with it! The possibilities are endless!!

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  1. My 3 yr old daughters birthday is coming up and her theme is based on the movie tangled. I was wondering if you could decorate for that theme? Please give me a call at 918-424-1699 or email me back please

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