She said “No Balloons” !!!!!

My daughter and I were excited to design her Sweet Sixteen.  We had different ideas on what it should be but I am a firm believer in “it’s her party, her way”.  Once we decided on a theme, it was time to start planning the decor.  She only had one request, no balloons.

NO BALLOONS!!!  Balloons are what I do!  Sure I decorate with other elements but the balloons are the focal point!  I had to rethink my entire approach.  After trying to persuade her to change her mind, I reorganized and got to work.

There are a lot of decorating elements on the market that can make an impression.  Some are very high end but others are quite affordable.  After searching the internet I found some fabulous tissue paper flowers that will cover the space nicely.  A great tablescape and dessert table topped of the event perfectly.

I can make balloons elegant, sophisticated, funky and fun, but sometimes I am asked not to use them.  For those occassions, I look for large items to fill the space, such as tulle, netting, tissue paper, flowers, etc.  It can be difficult to fill a space, so sometimes it’s best to focus on particular areas.

Grouping decorations much the same way as you do objects in your home can give an amazing effect.  For my daughters party I focused on three areas; the dessert table, gift table, and the dining table.   I hung tissue flowers above all three tables to tie them together as well as fill the space.  Grouping tea party items on the table and theming the food, made a great impression without the balloons!

While my pride was hurt when she asked for no balloons, I understand her desire to be a little more “grown-up” on her sweet sixteen.  My baby girl is growing up, so I have to as well- or not!!!!

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